Policeman, Why?

Policeman did or did not attend class,
It does not really matter—
Things are for him to figure out;
Whether you’re right or wrong,
Policeman doesn’t really care—
That is for you to figure out.
Policeman is desperate
For clues, he has none;
For answers, he has plenty
Of questions—desperate policeman.
He finds crumbs, unrelated—
He hops on, and hangs on:
I will be judge, jury and executioner—
Policeman finds you guilty:
Your sentence is here,
Policeman decides——
A man who doesn’t care,
With his pistol, he doesn’t fear;
With his bat, he is boss.
Policeman doesn’t take no—
He has temper issues,
Worse than those of a human;
Policeman is just human too,
But he doesn’t care to care—
You will not talk back,
Even when he accuses (and you listen),
Even when he is wrong (and uncorrected).
You do not have a right to silence;
Silence is all you have, yea, right:
You guilty son of a bitch!
Says policeman,
Fine! You will pay a fee,
And you’ll be a free man.
(Hungry policeman).
I did not say ‘small,’
So, surprise me, please.
(Greedy policeman).
Your promises sound empty,
Claims policeman,
Your purchase of freedom
Has been declined…
There is room for retrial, I’ll listen.
Why, policeman?
Do you bleed me dry?
First with your empty promises
To stand by me,
And now the things in life
That were meant free—why!

But, oh, my value for life
Overcomes my mind’s puzzles.
We shall meet again, nonetheless,
On a page where I am policeman.


Photo by Maan Limburg on Unsplash

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