The Kind That Is Love

I said that I would fight for you, my love
That I was ready at heart, besides words
Descriptions are like promises, you wanted verbs
And I did, for all that you’re made of

Love of the same kind, you said, is not love
The kind as common in today’s world
First for money, second flesh, violence third
A kind is love if gentle as a dove

You asked that I armour off and out heart
“This is the love that you cannot fight for,
You cannot earn it, and cannot own it.”

I looked at you, took my armor apart
That you’re made of, I had respect for
“With my heart down now, would your love permit?”

Poetry Wednesday is live with this bonus Petrarchan Sonnet😍 I do not know what today has in store; let’s find out in our post-by-the-hour! See you in the next…


Photo by Crawford Jolly on Unsplash

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