Little Tommy with wildest dreams
He went out with his toys to play
Car in one hand, heroes, other
He didn’t have as much to say

First, under the tree, he made teams
Went around the house in survey
Heroe here, and here, another
Car here and this, he nodded, Okay

Time moves even when it not seems
Tommy, Tommy, mother would say
Do not stray too far from mother
And little Tommy would nod Ok

Tommy did not notice, it seems
As everything passed away
He stopped later to discover
That he was alone and a stray

Mother heard her Tommy’s screams
But she did not believe his say
She said he needed to recover
Mother would understand some day

Life―a river with many streams
One day, mother did pass away
She understood many other
Things, more, a day away, away…


I couldn’t make this by the hour, but it concludes today’s four. I hope you enjoy(ed) them!


Photo by Warren Wong on Unsplash

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