But Why?

Dear Life,

Did you switch up, or did you unravel?
Either way, I’m confused
Why do you always have to be a mystery?
A puzzle, this question…
Whose answers I desire so much
And yet, I’m not really sure
I’d be able to handle it—
The truth, reality
Of what lies beneath
Your mask.

Will you take it off?
Did you take it off?
I’m scared to look.
You have always been
Unpredictable, you know?
I’m not sure anymore
Which face you’d wear
Not after such terror.

My! Did you turn red?
Is it the end
That we keep chanting
Ever, as if seeking it?
Is it here?
But why, dear life
Did you turn on us?

Should we then seek hope in the sunrise,
Treat each as a second chance?
Or should we rejoice at the sunset,
Cry, forget, and try again the next?

The red is sticky on the feet
It leaves prints as we walk the streets
It’s terrifying the extents you can go
Dear life—
But why?

I had to travel suddenly on Wednesday, and it’s taken a while to settle down. I’d like to make a few more pieces tonight; I hope you’ll enjoy them!


Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

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