Till We Dream Again

Dear old friend, it’s me again. Lost of words at the start, forgive me. I know it’s been a tradition. Standing there, often blankly. Often succeeded by an occasional smile. Rare times, a quick wink. And oh! Would you look at that? You winked back almost just as fast. What’s your story? The story of those eyes, I see you drown in. The longingness that drips off of your gazes, as empty at times. The distant smile, once true, now just shallow. I can’t help but drown in it, your nostalgic trance. In your deep, deep, blue ocean.

I look on, searching, for that spark. That once razed us from the inside out. All I see is smoke. And ashes. A graveyard full of chances. Dark trenches of ‘what if’s. And ruins, of what once was true. I look for the things we once held dear. Believed in. Prayed on. Contemplating now, on what we dreamt before. All I see is emptiness. I look for a wink of sleep left. For this house needs it. Plenty of it.

I’m sorry if it’s too much to take in after so long. Your teary eyes leave mine misty. I snap, I’m sorry. ‘Look the other way a little. Not sure if it’s shame, pitty, or anything in between. The red has definitely spread the middle. And I’m not sure if the pain surpassed my numbing limits. Now, my tears are red. I turn back, expressionless. I grin, and you do back. I start to walk, but you stay behind. And watch me leave. Somehow, I can’t. I cannot resist your pull like a magnet. So, again, I turn and smile. You reciprocate. “Till we dream again,” I say. And walk away.

I made this poetic note a few months ago. It was deep then, it still is.


Photo by Jr Korpa on Unsplash

5 thoughts on “Till We Dream Again

    1. I’m glad you liked it😊❤

      The message can indeed be interpreted in many different ways. The core, however, is one of contemplation on what is lost that was once held true. A person has an inner conversation with himself/herself; what seems to be a story of two people is actually a story of one, who looks in the mirror and reflects on the past.

      The mirror self holds the pain from the past, that’s why s/he stays behind when the guy looking in the mirror starts to walk away. That’s why the eyes in the mirror are teary, while those of the person looking are misty–the depth in there…

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  1. Interesting, yes it can be interpreted differently. After your comment I went back and reread it and see how that is. Thank you for the true depth of this piece. 🙂 take care, be safe.

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    1. It is my joy to express, and more when you find it as deep as I feel creating… thank you! Take care too, and stay safe😊


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