Soldiers Of Fortune: Rebirth R.2- Bob & Larry [Reviewed]

This is the narrative I’ll be reviewing today. It’s from the story, Soldiers Of Fortune: Rebirth. I shared the book’s description in this review.

In the narrative, we pick up where we had left off in round 1. Remember what happened? Let me quickly take you through everything.


Bob and Larry walk into a bank. It’s part of Larry’s first training on the ground, as a special operations soldier. At this stage, he’s just a recruit, and Bobby has been tasked with building a team.

Bob approaches a teller, and warns of a threat, asking her to sound the alarm. Before the teller has time to process anything, two men wielding rifles storm in, and everyone has to go down. A few altercations happen, and Bob expects Larry to do something fast. As the first round ends, Larry is caught between near-impossible situations.

Round 2 picks off with prompt action from Larry, who takes on the invaders. One of the robbers disappears with a few guards, and as soon as everything settles, Larry and Bobby check the back of the bank for any sign of life. They, instead, find an unpleasant surprise.

Why this narrative?

The “soldiers of fortune” was a team of five soldiers. That’s not their alias or code name, just a title… How they came together may not be discussed anywhere in the book, and yet, I felt it’s one of the things I’d like to look into in-depth. Larry is just the first; in a month, I’ll have figured how to discuss more within one week, so that it doesn’t take forever to know every major character.

Scene complete

The first and second round of this narrative are now a complete scene, and it should shed some insight on the two characters, Bob and Larry. These reviews will get more fleshy with time. For now, the best I can do is look briefly into what I’ve shared. You may, however, find the narratives interesting. Why don’t you give Soldiers Of Fortune a chance? Check out the first part of round 1 here, and its second part here. Check out the first part of round 2 here, and its second part here.

This week, sadly again, I could not manage a script. But Whoanoua is in the kitchen as we speak, and it’s sizzling! See you tomorrow for a narrative on Meet your Characters. Thank you for your time.

Stay safe, bye!


Photo by Simon Wijers on Unsplash

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