I come bearing disappointments! Apologies…

Intro, 5s

On Friday, I promised you more disappointments; I hope to make up for them this month! Because of unavoidable, and crucially important matters that I’ve had to attend to, most projects had to pause indefinitely. Let me give you a break-down:

  • The poetry collection will need some more time so that I can deliver a collection you can savour. It will have poems from 2016, and I will also add several new pieces. I hope to feature at least five different forms, besides free-form.
    • I’m done with Haiku, but I’ll add several more; there’s never really enough!
    • I’m also working on Shakespearean sonnets
    • And Ballads
    • I’ll also feature Petrarchan sonnets
    • And perhaps, a Limerick
    • Expect one or any other form
    • Also, expect a huge surprise gift for requesting a free copy of the collection when it’s ready😊
  • Whoanoua: Revolution does need me to be at my best. When I wasn’t able to write, I was planning, and oh, what’s coming! (Well, at least to my eyes…) I enjoyed it a lot… Planning the four new chapters. All I need now is just time; two days to write, two more to edit. I’ve had much on my plate, but this week seems promising already. So, we’ll see what the next update holds.
  • Weekly scripts may be hard to make this month because a script takes me about 4-7 days to prepare. I would like to try releasing them fortnightly, then with a hopefully better grip next month, I’ll resume the weeklies.
  • You probably noticed my inconsistent timing last month. Whenever I don’t have a post ready, it may take a while to prepare one. I’m already better, however, with managing the time I get, that’s why this item is coming last.

Coming up

  • In this week’s Poetry Wednesday I hope to share some Haiku pieces that I scribbled last week and more that I still want to write today and tomorrow. These are not in the collection, but I may add them in a recap section.
  • This week’s script should be quite interesting. In case I don’t make it in time, I’ll let you know on Thursday.

That’s all for today. See you tomorrow!

Stay safe, bye.


Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

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