(War Of) The Undying R.2- The Rosewels [Reviewed]

This is the narrative I’ll be reviewing today. It’s from the story, (War Of) The Undying. The narrative went up last weekend on Meet your Characters and I shared the book description in this review.

The Rosewels’ story

This narrative features The Rosewels, who are the leading characters in the book. In the narrative, I introduce a subject, The Order, which I felt wasn’t well discussed in the book.

Ara is a young girl in the narrative, still unaware of the power she holds. She’ll grow to cause destruction in an attempt to free herself, and will grow apart from the brother she still loves, Aiden. Aiden is little, and oblivious of who or what they are. He’ll be forced by circumstances to learn what it is their family stood for.

Mrs. Rosewel, their mother, speaks of Ara’s initiation into The Order; she fears that something terrible is coming, and hope to prepare the siblings, starting with Ara.


The narrarive kicks off in the woods at night. Mrs. Rosewel sits between the siblings, as they watch the flames and warm their bodies. In the second part, Mrs. Rosewel and Ara talk about The Order, and what’s coming; little Aiden learns.

These woods are quite significant to the whole story. Perhaps when the cover is ready, you’ll get a better glimpse of what it could look like.

To be continued…

This narrative will be continued at a later time. Watch out for a new narrative tomorrow on Meet your Characters. The second part should go up on Sunday, and the two parts will be reviewed here next Friday.

Hello! I haven’t been able to do much since last Thursday, but I’m back this new month. In the update 01, I had mentioned that I’m now a parent… today, I’m 10 weeks in, and finding it to be quite a journey!

I may disappear every once in a while this first year, for reasonable time, but pop right back. I hope you’ll excuse me… whenever I can, I’ll be letting you know. You know life, though, a lot of things happen all the time!

Time couldn’t allow a script this week, and time will not allow a few more things that I’ll share on the coming Monday’s update. Nevertheless, the coming week should have a good resumption in activity.

See you tomorrow for a narrative on Meet your Characters. Stay safe, bye!


Photo by Simon Wijers on Unsplash.

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