Dear Anxiety

We have had this talk before
Genuine words of request
Several requests of the same kind
And yet, dear anxiety
You always find a way
To break down progress
Doing you, which never puts me
In a good place with your concerns.
It’s been months of darkness
Years now
And now, I wonder,
Haven’t you had enough?

You have fed, I hoped, to your fill
On my fears, now dreams, no nights
No, now, it’s just, “The Hour Of Fear.”
And it terrifies me, when you come by;
You’ve never been one to knock, or ask―
I’ve never liked that.
But well, dear anxiety,
Who am I, to question you?
But couldn’t you leave my heart
A little calmer, and my body
A little less paralyzed?

I need to feel me
To fight you.


Photo by Aliaksei Lepik on Unsplash

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