Hurt Heart Love Tonight

How are you doing,
Old friend;
Do you miss me?

It’s been long,
I know.
‘Been detached for long,
you know…

So many nights,
So many nights I’ve cried;
I’ve stayed up and tried.
Too many nights, I’ve prayed,
In the dark, stumbled, astray.
So many nights I’ve called out,
To a name, now I’m burned out.
Couldn’t you hear me?
My shattering heart, and scarred mind?
We lost touch, and now, it’s just me―
A tank of anxiety; a sacred kind.

I see,
And understand not;
I wish I could.

Will a goodbye for now,
Send you away for good,
Or bring you back,
To my arms;
Me to my knees,
And your love…
To my heart?

I’m all about poetry this week❤ see you tomorrow for Poetry Wednesday! Stay safe, bye.


Photo by Osman Rana on Unsplash

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