A World In Pain (Spoken Word)

A World In Pain (Over Beats by Jurrivh)- Benie, 2.58

A World In Pain (Over Beats by Jurrivh)- Benie, audio

A World In Pain

She sat there, on a bench
Crying alone.
She sat there,
And all she wanted to do
Was cry
And she looked down
At her hands,
Her little feet,
A tear dropped,
A bitter tear
As she cried
The pain was felt
Of life, lost―
Everything, everyone
True, dear
To the nature
Of humanity,
And it pained her
It chocked her
And she cried
As she watched them―
The humans
Live life…
A couple somewhere
A mother elsewhere
Bids a child bye,
A dad,
Returns home
From service.
She watched
The humans
Live life
And all she felt
Was emptiness.
But little did she know
That she was not alone;
That many like her
And it was a world
In pain;
A universe
Of mourners,
A graveyard
Of dreams, wishes
And as she sat there
At the bench
And cried…

His name was,
Visited the same diner
From before.
He looked through the window
The emptiness
In his heart;
The sadness,
The pain,
The past,
The state
And the weight―oh!
It was a world
In pain.

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