How did we get this far… from the universe? From life… To live among the Romans, they had to do what the Romans did. To live on earth, the earthlings had to do what best they do—survive.

And we got accustomed to different beliefs, established traditions, pinging life on everything else lifeless. We made this world our own and turned everything beautiful, corpse.

Now we can’t breathe because of the holes we punched on perfection. We can’t see, unless with the eyes that were made in our “Rome.” How did we get this far? With what feet? Time?

Time; they say it’s dynamic. That it changes fast. And that it’s the master of all. Did we wear the master’s boots? Because this is not our home.

It was better when we followed. Now we lead, with blind eyes, to a future that is as obscure. The past lies on its back, helpless, lifeless. The future, my friend, is in the past, where we left it.


Photo by Anthony Intraversato on Unsplash

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