(War Of) The Undying- Clare [Reviewed]


Chaos. Everything perfect and everything imperfect. It rises like dough, and demolishes. When it falls. “Chaos. You humans reek of it.”

That they would suffer for being special, Mrs. Rosewel knew well. That she would give her life for her son, was purely human instinct, with motherly pastes all around it. It was worth it. And that her daughter would become as powerful, was a hidden curse. For it condemned her to greater torments, that not many understood. And not many would. Until more had visited the same lands. Well, perhaps not in a thousand years…

Trapped between worlds, Ara fights for years to rejoin the living. She meets her brother’s spiteful resistance. Aiden blames Ara for the demise of their mother. Watch as the living get caught in a war of the undying siblings.



Last week, I published a narrative on Meet your Characters. The story was from the book, (War Of) The Undying, and above is the book description. I’m done writing the book but haven’t started editing it yet.

The point of publishing the narratives on Meet your Characters was to give you somewhat previews of the lives of the characters that you’re going to meet in the books I’m yet to release. My hope has been that you get to know them and learn about those bits of their lives that aren’t told in the book(s). You may have so many questions about where a particular character comes from, why they do what they do, or how they live their lives every day. This is where your characters live.

Clare’s Story

(War Of) The Undying. This is a fantasy piece but features the following genres broadly: mystery, thriller, and action. It also has crime and adventure.

Clare is a young officer with a past that still weighs heavily on her. She forms one of the top characters in the book, as she helps uncover the mystery behind The Undying twins (The Rosewel’s). Her past plays a role in finding answers to most questions, but the search to answers has never been a smooth path.

In the first narrative, I take you back to her roots, when Clare was still little and lived with her folks. I’d like you to know Clare, her feelings, thoughts, and perhaps finding even bits of the past that isn’t as highlighted in the book. Will this give you a better experience when you read the book? I sure hope so! I’m on the same journey you’ll hopefully take, and I’m learning and enjoying it.


The narrative begins with a little snippet/preview of a scene involving Clare and Sarah, another top character. This comes in the form of a dream, which Clare doesn’t understand yet.

The elderly woman/old lady in the story is Clare’s mother, and the old man in the second part of the narrative is Clare’s dad.

“The Headquarters” is my Brain😂 I’ll discuss this more broadly with time, but you may also understand the more you follow.

To be continued…

This narrative will be continued at a later time, feeding you more bits of Clare’s life, and making sure to feature more of who she is rather than what she’s doing.

Another narrative will go up tomorrow at 4.20 PM, EAT (GMT+3), and will be continued (same time) on Sunday! It’ll hopefully be around 150-250 words, but may fall slightly less, or more. I hope you enjoy them.

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Stay safe, bye!


Photo by Simon Wijers on Unsplash

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