Control-Es (A Short Film)

“And I became insane,” the short film starts, “with long intervals of horrible sanity.” From the words of Edgar Allan Poe

We see Jack seated on the floor of
an abandoned building. He appears
to be unconscious. His shirt is
untucked, his hair messy, and his
feet are shoe less. His hands are
tied behind his back, which rests
on some corner of the dim-lit

The walls are moderately high.
They are full of markings in mud,
chalk, and whatever else
unascertainable. Some of the glass
windows are broken, while others
are down. Rails have rusted over
time, and creatures haven't had
trouble making themselves at home.


Hello Jack.

Get the full script here

Sorry for today’s delay. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I did, making it. As I said before, I’m still a newbie at scriptwriting and may have got so many things off. Your honest feedback and constructive criticism is welcome and highly appreciated. Feel free to share, and watch out for tomorrow’s post on Meet your Characters.

Stay safe, thank you & bye!


Photo by Jay Skyler on Unsplash

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