A Tank of Emotions

We all lived and busied with life. Smile upon another. Long, shallow talks. Well, we brimmed with emotions, and what came on top was what was light and disguised with smiles. Long conversations, but plenty of emptiness! We walked, and lived, and busied with life.

We brimmed with emotions, and I chose to speak for myself. For my tank was filled to the brim, and down below, the whelming pressure was breaking the pieces of me that mattered the most. See, now I’m just but a tank of emotions, brimmed with hate, and with pain… a little joy, in the past; a speck, a past that is-that is dark as night now. And as I like to say, in the dread of night, now, I walk, and live, and busy on with life.

My heart brimmed with emotions, and now it’s cold and empty; it’s shattered, and the pain has spread and razed my organs. Like bushfire. And a drop of Poison Hate, to my blood. The past… it punched holes, in the darkness, which now covers the spaces, that once brimmed with emotions, disguised with smiles, and long, empty days… cold, dark nights.

I can’t always walk, but to live, I have to— out of this tank of emotions. To get on with living, and busying with life.

Hope you enjoyed😊 As always, feel free to share. See you in tomorrow’s post! (Same time)


Photo by Zac Harris on Unsplash

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