Status: Active

I’ve been down on activity since the 19th of April, due to a personal matter. Nonetheless, Benie Writes is back, with loads of activities! Here’s what’s new:

  • I’ll be making posts every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday at 3.03 PM, EAT (GMT+3)
  • Expect interesting discussions, poetry, notes, and more tags (including new ones) for the Tuesday and Thursday posts.
  • The Monday posts will be dedicated solely to updates on anything new, anything relevant, and anything you may have missed.
  • The Friday posts will be providing a short recap/review of weekly narratives that I will be sharing on Meet your Characters. I’ll also be sharing weekly scripts every Friday. This brings us to the next items…
    • Meet your Characters is a (new) blog site that I’ve dedicated to sharing short narratives of around 200 words (per post), one every Saturday, continued and completed on Sundays, then recapped on Fridays, the following week.
    • Weekly scripts. I started scriptwriting this year, and I have a dream to take my content to the screens someday. I’m not a pro screenwriter, so the weekly scripts are currently just meant for your entertainment and constructive scrutiny, should you have the time. Along with the Friday reviews, therefore, I will be sharing these short film scripts for free, and in PDF.

Intro, 5s

Since today is Monday, I’d like to honor this program and share a few updates.

  • Eden Dale. I was not able to make regular updates on this since its first announcement, but I’m glad to now announce the completion of the book. Why don’t you check it out for free on:
  • Whoanoua: Revolution. This is a new project that I started working on when I wasn’t able to continue with everything else from 4/19. I started working on it about a week and a half ago, and three parts are out now.
    • Prologue
    • Chapter 1: Them Days (A)
    • Chapter 2: Them Days (B)
  • I will publish more parts this week, so expect another update on the same next Monday!
  • The first narrative on Meet your Characters (Clare’s story), first went up on Saturday, 4/18, but I couldn’t manage to post the second part on Sunday, 4/19, and haven’t been able to do much since. This week, therefore, I plan to republish the previous post on Saturday, 5/23, and then complete the second part on Sunday, 5/24.
  • Since a narrative needs to be up first before I can review it on Friday, this Friday, we’ll not have a review. Instead, I’ll share a script or two from my archives. From next week, however, we’ll be having a review of the previous week’s narrative from Meet your Characters first, then I’ll add a script at the end.
  • Parenting. This project started in the wake of April 20th, 2020. I’ll be sure to drop an update or two as I walk the journey on.

Thank you for your time! That’s all for now. More updates will be up next Monday, same time! Stay tuned🙂.

Note that all the posts here, on Meet your Characters and any writing platform under my name, are done and owned by me, Benie (Benson Langat). Feel free to share anything you like here or there while remembering to give credit, of course.

Stay safe. See you on tomorrow’s post, at 3.03 PM, EAT (GMT+3).


Photo by VASANTH on Unsplash

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