Ah, you’re here!
Another beautiful morning.

Beautiful? Hmm…

Perspectives, son. Perspectives.

I don’t need to see. I can’t breathe!
Oh! The very air. Polluted. And now…
Now, we’re also disintegrating, fast.
And- and, falling apart– within, and without.

Scrub, son. Scrub.

And did you hear what happened?

I don’t hear much.

Ha! Fucking opportunists.

Sorry, who?

You know who–
They’ve teamed up now;
Sweeping us off by night too.
The mission. It continues.

Scrub, son. Scrub.

Beautiful morning, you say?
What a joke!

Scrub. The hate, and the pain;
Scrub. Let it wash off, and drain.

You forgot tha-Y-y-
That spot, uh-huh, there.
Ah, yee’… right, there.
How perfect!

Yes. Scrub off the tension. And your anxieties;
All your fears. Scrub, son. And the worries too.

I also called her; you know?

Oh. You did…

Just after waking up.


She said… she said… argh!

Son. Scrub. Harder.
And here, take this-
[Plays GENTLYYY by Gesmis]

Ah, Jazz- is that?

Uh-huh… a beautiful morning, it is;
Scrub, and hum,
Wash off, and turn.
Scrub, son. Let’s hum.

Feels good. Perfect, if I were honest.
Just… uh– ah, it’s perfect!

Good work!
Should be enough for now.

[Smiles. Sighs]

You’re clean now,
Try to remain that way.
We’ll scrub again when it’s time.

[Smiles. Nods]

And, hey. The air,
It will need a mask.



Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash

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