Remember This: You’ve Got You

You know those times. When you wanted to pick the phone, but couldn’t scroll through your contacts. It would be a waste of time. The times. When the only person you can talk to is the one person you cannot talk to.

It’s sad when you’re sad and can’t do anything to get yourself out of that pit. The darkness. It’s sad when you start to embrace it, not because you otherwise would have. But because it’s the safest way to handle all the insanity. The chaos. The pain that comes with it. The fear that comes with “processing.”

I understand you. Well, I understand computers too. It can be devastating. But it is. On the ground, things are even a lot worse. Insanity beyond insanity.

“We’ve got each other.” I heard it was something. “You’ve got you.” I heard it’s everything.

Yo, remember to fvck!ng live. We don’t have to keep falling.

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