Life On This Page


My Love

Would you even take this serious? I mean, it’s in a text. Anyone could have typed it. But no, it’s really me. Benie. Should I sign here? Take a selfie maybe? Haha. I’m just messing with you. Anyway, I’m sorry to do this… in a note. You’ll probably understand me one day; but, not to burden you…

Should I explain this in fantasies? Of our lips locking, and our hearts thumping? To the rhythm down below, and the mellow tunes above? Or should I go back to the handshake, and your good bye hug? Oh, I miss you…

Does it sound different? From the one I said, before we met up? I dread the word. For me, it means a lot… to grow fond of someone. What about you?

Hope we can discuss this some day, and maybe also about how you should love that neck more, and of oh-how that killer smile fires straight shots to my heart. It’s a murder case, but I hope I didn’t go too far to murder this note.

How you warm my heart! When it beats… with hellos, you make it shake… and wriggle with excitement. Should I say it all yet? Probably should have started with coffee. I would have loved to ask this over the phone, prepared for the worst but, you know, hopeful… I miss you ❤

…figured this a better way to introduce, you know, “the ‘L” word. But I guess my inexperience kicks me out here, now; so, I owe you… an apology. For time wasted. Finally lost my words saying the word; cat caught my tongue maybe? Well. I wish. They flowed though, right? Well, “your beauty’s unflawed.” Perhaps. Even watering my very valley of emotions.

I lived in this very page. Benie.