The Hustle Says To Thee:

“Don’t rely on others to build your dream for you.”-George Nuthu.

I followed The Standard Newspaper’s interview of George Nuthu by Monica Omboga, in today’s article dated 1/29/2019.

“At 48, I found & followed my passion.” It read.

Got me picturing myself in my old suit, staring out the window at some cafe, waiting on my partner who just rushed to the bathroom before we could get back on the field.

“It’s definitely one sign. When you start dreading getting up in the morning, are operating on autopilot, the job doesn’t interest you anymore, or you just feel a sense of restlessness…” It went on. And so, I drifted off more…

To those few minutes; that brief moment, when I’m staring at infinity. Most likely, feeling empty, feeling old, and feeling tired. Still undying. But nostalgic. Of my dreams. The ones I locked in chests. And perhaps, now living for nothing, but awaiting my last days like Christmas.

Huh. My thoughts. I Felt some discomfort in my stomach.

Norman Cousins said that death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live.

We all want to make money- fine; after all, the hustle gets us through the day. Yesterday, I told someone to take five minutes a day to do the thing they love most and if it’s not something they can do, then at least learn something about it, or even try interacting.

It grows to ten minutes. More even. If it hasn’t grown in you yet, it starts to. It soon starts to feel like home. Perhaps, you even get the courage and/or time to test yourself out. You’re probably impressed or are disappointed; but realize it’s what you love, so you can literally do it for life.

Suddenly, it feels like the fairer point of life. To follow your fire.

But the courage to dream says to thee, remember: even your dream too, needs the hustle. With time, it could be your only hustle. And the dream says to thee: remember, your soul is not a graveyard. It’s a fucken paradise!


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