“You Didn’t Listen. You Couldn’t”


I spoke, but you didn’t listen. You could not. You wanted to be heard so much. Said you had a better point. A stronger point. So, I shut my mouth. Not because you had a better point, if at all it was one. And not because you asked either, although you did… demand. Still though. I could not compete with you. See, I cannot. So, you said I do not understand you. Your situation. Your whole explanation.

You wanted my audience so bad. For you and your rantings. Did you demand my backing too? Silence. Indeed, a weapon like any other. I cannot speak further. For when I could, you expected that I would speak for you. But I can only speak for my heart. The same one you silenced. You want to be understood so much. But have you tried being understanding?

This is the first of my many short “notes”. Enjoy!

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