Yo, You Are Art!

My first idea for this blog was to make it all about appreciating art.

Well, It still is. The point. The idea is just bigger now.

We are literally surrounded by art. The music we listen to. The paintings in our walls, legendary and otherwise. The poems we read. The craft we see. Art is in our minds just as much as it is in our hands, our feet, and even ears. It is in our eyes! And yo… you are a work of art!

Writing is a beautiful thing, and I love it. I love it as much as I do life. It is through pen and paper that I can connect with the world. With the universe. With nature. With everything beautiful and everything horrid. It is with pen and paper that I provoke thought. Get lost in trying to understand life and its mysteries. And I love it!

It is in pen and paper… that I find the broken pieces of my heart and put shards of my soul back together. O’, it is in the ink that my emotions flow… like a gentle stream. It is here that I stitch. And patch myself up. Break and lose myself all over… Where my insanity finds home; voices find audience and feelings are anchored.

Writing puts food on my table. Literally. And literally makes why I wake up every day and why I go to bed smiling. It is not always smiles. When it is, they are not all of happiness. Yet, it is in writing that I am myself, where I am free and where I am whole. O’, may I grow, and like a flower, blossom, and like every beautiful dream, die having left a mark on a heart, perhaps. Help me God.

Welcome to my blog 😀 You can call me Benie 🎆

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